Males / Females

Pappilove´s In the Mood


by: Liannica American Hope of Sweden

X: Pappiloves´Cocaburra


Tingate´s Original Opal

by: Queenwings Forever Snow

x: Tingates Forever Fantastic

Stardream's Grammia Dione

by: Tingate's Original Opal

x: Stardream's Argynnis Niobe

SE UCH SE V-11 Pappilove's Jitterbug

by: SE UCH Golden Leafs Boytoy

x: Pappiloves Penny Cillin

Alex' Photogenic

by: Ellyas De La Montez

x: Alex' Midnight Bossa Nova


Houm Tet A Tet Karmelita

By: Toymaker's You Never Can Tell

x: Vangelis d'Zign